Why yes Santa Claus, Virginia does exist and she's extrasolar..

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ir·rev·er·ent (ĭ-rĕv′ər-ənt) adj.
1. Lacking or exhibiting a lack of reverence; disrespectful.
2. Critical of what is generally accepted or respected; satirical: irreverent humor.


ass·hole (ăs′hōl′) n.
Vulgar Slang
1. The anus.
2. A contemptible or detestable person.
3. The most miserable or undesirable place in a particular area.

Twitter N Shit

News you don't need.

Let me direct your attention to the right. You will find some ahole's insane manifesto 140 characters at a time. Taken together the Twitter feed will make absolutely no sense.


The mail clerk has been dead these past seven years. He died, why on this very night. So if you've business with the aholes at Rustmedia.tv we'll get to it once we find a person strong enough to enter the mail room. It stinks of flat Mountain Dew and Doritos.

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