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Why yes Santa Claus, Virginia does exist and she's extrasolar..


Grown adults running a train…

It’s just a typical Tuesday night over at the Johnson’s. They invited their new neighbors over to see the model train set in the basement, the well insulated soundproof basement. Things seemed rather tame until Mrs. Johnson brought down some ice cold Shitz that’s when the party really took off and it wasn’t long before Mr. Johnson showed his guests how well he could run a train.


Why are my fees so high?

Today was yet another adventure in old advertisements.

When I see an old ad I wait for it to tell me what the copy should have been. In this ad I kept the heading and the “feeling” of the body text but twisted it inside my warped mind into what the airline’s response would be to a particularly minded passenger who has very few taboos.

It’s smaller than the others since I created it on a mobile device while enjoying a coffee out and about.

mermaid bitches

Mermaids and boys

I’ve always liked old print ads. Even as a small child I remember cutting up magazine and newspaper pages and pasting them together into something new. I suppose sometimes the old ways are what can bring us the most joy. I’m certain some will take issue with this creation obviously one of the dudes in this ad is a real self centered jerk and has no trouble using the people around him who he claims to love. I know which one is the misogynist because I could see it in his face when I sat down to create the work. I didn’t have to think all the much on the copy it was as though this character was making sure I heard him with that smug look on his face, it’s that look of “I use the whole world” that told me all I needed to know about him and his intentions. I could have made it more clear on which guy was which but I’ll leave it up to the reader to draw their own conclusion.

The Road Ahead…

It’s 2:30 in the morning. I should be sleeping yet I’m not. I’m longing for adventure I want to put my shoes on and head out the door, get on the open road in any direction and just go until I see the sun on the horizon then have a nice breakfast and see where I am. All while hoping I don’t get arrested because I forgot to wear pants.